Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Bi-Weekly Grind

Scene: Me sitting at my desk, waiting for my hot chocolate to cool down. Me wishing I had a piece of ice.

A coworker approaches, "Oh I remember what I meant to give you!" He walks off.

3 minutes later:

He comes back with a piece of paper "Reading material" he says. It is a page of jokes. The first is about a retired florida couple having an affair at a sex therapist's office and as a result of medicare it is cheaper than a hotel. It is genuinely funny. There is also a joke about a scientist and a farmer. Not funny, but clever in the way that jokes are.

Scene: I sit at my desk staring blankly at the computer screen

I work on my personal statement. I try to sound as if music has taught me humility. I try to sound like I am mature and interesting. I try to hint at talent without outright saying it. I try to sound like I am just a little smarter than I am, but without stretching it so far that I seem unnatural. I try to tell a story about what music means to me but it doesn't work. It frustrates. I give up.

Scene: I sit at my desk reading a newspaper:

The phone rings. I answer it. I transfer the call.

Scene: I sit at the computer blogging.

Here I am...

hope your work days are as interesting as mine.

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