Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's Official: You Can't Win

But most people already know that. The only consolation in this forsaken world is that you can watch some people eat shit harder than you do.

Case in point: Halloween night. Random note: I always preferred when it was misspelled Holloween, its a nicer looking spelling End random note. So me and some friends were sitting around for hours (literally hours) trying to think of something to do. Oh by the way:

I hate halloween. I haven't always hated halloween, when I was a kid I loved it. But slowly, over the years it has lost all of its appeal. That started in middle school. Usually, people gradute from trick or treating to tricking. But I was never into the shenanigans middle-schoolers liked to pull. I was never an egger or TP'er so I couldn't enjoy halloween as much as everyone else.

Third digression: that's actually been the story of my life. I am always the one who enjoys things less than the people around me. It doesn't matter what it is or how fun it is. With the exception of movies (I enjoy those more than anyone whether they be bad or not), I enjoy life less than those around me. I always feel a slight disconnect from the situation that I feel they don't. I am like Bernard Marx in the Brave New World, the only unsatisfied one in world of satisfied, happy people.

So Halloween. We decided that the only worthwhile thing to do was go to Chipotle and get the free burrito. I insisted on paying because I didn't want to support halloween. We ran into my best friend's love interest who proceded to shoot him down in the worst way (see: other people's misery being the only consolation for your own). I mean she took him to town. Not in an open way, it was unbelievably subtle, but that just made it worse. Then having had my spirits lifted, I agreed to don the tin foil hat for a free burrito. My friend got drunk and I drove him home.

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