Sunday, November 9, 2008

Atheism 101

Hi fundamental Christians!! I'm so glad you found my blog! I'm what you would call an atheist. In case your pastor hasn't yet told you what that is, let me explain.

Atheists believe in God, they just hate him because they are liberal and worship Satan.

Atheists have pretty much no morals and enjoy raping and killing people & animals.

Atheists like to worship Charles Darwin as their God. They think evolution is the solution to everything.

The only thing that makes people atheists is evolution. If it weren't for evolution, we would believe in a fairytale God.

Atheists love Satan a lot and do his bidding.

Atheists really just want to be converted and then they want to tithe extra to the church to make up for lost time.

Atheist are possessed by demons.

Atheists are indoctrinated with false information at secular universities run by Marxists.

Atheists are communists and love Hitler and Stalin.

Atheists think that people are monkeys. We also think that monkeys are only a few generations removed from fish on the evolutionary scale.

That's pretty much it.

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TheEO said...

That just about describes me except for the Hitler bit. I don,t love him because he was a Christian. Look at the evidence. There are links on my blog.

Dan Gilbert said...

Woohoo! At last, someone who understands me! ;-P

Funny stuff, but sadly not far off from what some people actually think. *sigh*