Saturday, October 25, 2008

workin' for "the man"

Note to self (and everyone else). If you have to participate in an event for which you have to write something, consider ALL the people who will attend. I was honored in an event yesterday in which a self-written short bio about me had to be read. In that bio I had written a few disparaging things about "the man" and how excited I was to end up working for him followed up by some comments on my love for money. It was written as a humour piece but soon after arriving I realized the audience wasn't going to be as receptive as I'd imagined. It turned out that the keynote speaker was a well known I-banker and there were several other "prominent" people in attendance. But afterwards we talked at the meet & greet and he told me that working for "the man" is great. He was serious but that leaves me questioning whether the humor was lost on him.

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