Tuesday, October 21, 2008

First List

I'd hate to be a political blogger. But don't vote for one of the two parties. They are both corrupt, controlled by the same folks, and there to serve the interest of the same people (not you by the way). That being said, here is a list of the top 5 acceptable people to vote for (write-in).

5. Michael Savage - Michael Savage is a total asshole and I disagree with many of his main platforms and sometimes hateful speech. But he'd probably make a good president. He's too self righteous to be bought out.

4. Dennis Kucinich - Dennis Kucinich is the only member of congress who made a solid effort to impeach. 'Nuff said. He might tax you more, but he will keep government transparent. Oh yeah and civil liberties? He'd protect those.

3. Ron Paul - Ron Paul is one of the few respectable men left in congress who can has hold his own in a discussion and who understands the fundamental problems in America. He's a politician but not a crook. And like Kucinich, he cares about your civil liberties.

2. Me!!! Woo!! - I am your favorite atheist blogger. I would do a great job as president.

1. Adam Carolla (w/VP Dr. Drew) - Adam Carolla may just be the smartest man in America. From addressing the always overlooked issue of teen pregnancy to telling the Hatfields and the McCoys (read: right wing bible thumpers and ACLU douchebags) to shut the fuck up and get along, he could take us in a great direction. And his violent temper would always be kept in check by the soft-spoken and intelligent Dr. Drew.

Speaking of Adam Carolla, Striker is the worst goddamn radio host on the airwaves


Anonymous said...

Agreed. If only this is what we read on CNN and NYTimes and not the other bullshit they mask as headline news.


Urban Folk said...

Couldn't agree more. My job of late has involved working for the Rock the Vote campaign, and so it's been my line to encourage people to vote from a non-partisan standpoint, but if asked my real, non-employment opinion, I'd say very much what you've said here. Not sure I know you well enough to endorse you as a candidate, but at this point it's the devil we know versus the devil we don't, and Dems/Republicans are just devils we know a little too well. Thanks for the comment; glad you left it or I wouldn't have come across your excellent blog.