Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Birds and the Beezies

Every community has its characters. And one of them is always the "good guy." There's always that guy who stands for truth, justice and the American way (by American I mean the ideal, liberty and the pioneering spirit, not necessarily our current foreign policy of supporting foreign dictators and exploiting developing nations economically). There's always guy who takes a stand for love as opposed to just sex, who suggests charity instead of investment, who favors natural highs over synthetic ones. There was a time when I thought I was that guy. But it turns out I'm not.

I was just never cut out for unbounded optimism. I guess that's part of the reason I'm not religious. Because everything in life is either a gamble or a compromise. And although I'm a gambler, I don't consider myself that lucky. Like Pascal says, religion is ultimately a gamble, you put your vices, your pride, and your intellectual integrity on the line when you bet on it. If you become a born again, you go all in. So if you win, lucky you, you get eternal life and happiness, and you get to watch all of the nonbelievers who doubted your faith (how dare they!) deal with the resulting fire and brimstone. But if you lose... well fuck it, your dead anyways, who gives a shit right? No! Wrong! You're fucked! You missed out on all the world has to offer. I mean you only had one shot. If you had $1,200,000,000 and a few days to live, would you go to Vegas and bet on a horse race that didn't take place until the following year? I wouldn't! I'd spend the money as fast as possible on gourmet meals, the finest drugs the world has to offer, hookers, and a jet. IF YOU KNEW THERE WAS NO GOD WAITING ON THE OTHER SIDE, SO WOULD YOU. Because to me, knowing that you are going to die before you find out if you won or lost makes gambling lose its luster. And considering the fact that most religion is the invention of man, and that there are so many different choices you could make when it comes to religion, your odds are infinitesmally small of a) picking the right religion in the first place, and b) having that religion actualy work out for you post-death. Like I said, I'm just not that optimistic. I guess you could say I'm betting against Pascal.

But excuse the digression, I'm really not writing about that today. I'm writing about the "nice guy" from earlier. Today I read something written by one of these "nice" guys. It was about the difference between love and sex. He was writing about frat parties and reprimanding "beezies" who attend despite knowing the guys just want to get laid. Then in a bold statement. He did the unthinkable. He critiziced guys for wanting to get laid. His exact words "Try love. Trying making a connection. Grow a pair and just enjoy life."


Love and sex are different. Together, they are more than the sum of their parts. Having love without sex just won't be as good as having love with a healthy active sex life. And having sex with someone you don't love won't be as good as having sex with someone you do love (to be honest, I can imagine situations in which it would be). But just because they are better together doesn't mean one can't have value without the other. As a guy, I must say that there are few experiences that rank as high as blowjobs when it comes to physical AND emotional pleasure (but among them for me would be a hot rocks massage while a little bit high, the consumption of great pizza, and that lucid and relaxed moment while falling asleep if you have been up for over 20 hours). There's nothing wrong with sex and people need to realize that. When are we as a society going to get off the idea that happenstance sex between consenting adults is in any way wrong? It happens. And the "must love" militia just makes it more difficult and looked down upon for those who are looking for a spanking good time without putting all of their emotions on the line (as one does in a relationship).

So please. Whether it be frat parties, swingers' parties, lingerie parties, or other sex driven parties I haven't mentioned, refrain from telling others to avoid sex. You however, can avoid it all you want.

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